Speak Your Mind: Be Thankful

Speak Your Mind: Be Thankful

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the United States. I know that it’s a heavily criticized holiday for being imperialist, but I can’t help but love it. I love the weather. I love the food. I love seeing my cousins that I rarely hear from. And even though I’m not someone who is generally in touch with my feelings (I was raised Catholic, after all) it’s a good time to reflect on how good my life is. Is is perfect? No, far from it. But it’s pretty damn good.

What are you thankful for? Is Thanksgiving a big deal at your house? For you non-Americans (and non-Canadians), have you ever participated in Thanksgiving rituals? Do you think it’s weird? Are you able to separate good feelings the holiday causes from its not-awesome origins?

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  1. My first trip to the US, back in 1996, included Thanksgiving weekend. As I remember I only got the “make lots of food” part of the experience. Well, when I think back, what impressed me the most was actually the “buy lots of food”-part, and how only the front wheels on the shopping cart swivelled.

    • But how can we have leftovers until Christmas if we don’t buy tons of food?

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