Speak Your Mind: The World is Your Oyster

Speak Your Mind: The World is Your Oyster

On Monday we linked to a video of several 7th grade girls launching a Hello Kitty (almost) into space. It was awesome. Launching a weather balloon has always been a secret dream of mine (don’t ask me why), and seeing those girls do it gave me so much joy.

But it also got me thinking. There are a bunch of things I’d love to do, but I have neither the time nor the money to even get started. For example, I’ve recently gotten the urge to build a remote control car. Problem? I have absolutely no idea where to start or any disposable cash to make it happen. If I had lots of money and time, building a remote control car is high on the list of what I would do.

Given enough time and money, what project would you sink your teeth into?

Featured image credit: NOAA Photo Library

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