Speak Your Mind: Summer Fun Things

Speak Your Mind: Summer Fun Things

I don’t get out much. I like to stay home and watch Netflix and talk to people on Facebook and Twitter. I‘m almost useless during the week; it takes all my will to make myself attend meetings or lectures on a work night. But ever since I joined Skepchick a couple of years ago there is one event I look forward to every summer: SkepchickCon.

Oh what? You’re not going to SkepchickCon, held at Convergence in Minneapolis? Ah, that makes me sad. It’s so much fun! If you can only go to one con, I recommend this one. And – lucky for me – it starts tomorrow! Weee!!!!

I was never one for summer vacations (see the above paragraph on liking to stay home and watch Netflix). But when it gets closer to SkepchickCon, I get positively giddy.

What do you look forward to in the summer? Is there somewhere you go or people you see every year?

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