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AAS Conference!

So I know it has been AGES since I’ve blogged, but I hope I have some pretty good reasons.  I’ve recently decided to become a math major (as well as a physics major) at Bard, so the workload has increased a lot.  Additionally, this past summer I did a research internship at the American Museum of Natural History, in New York City.  I highly recommended doing an internship like this to ... »

Really Cool Physics Lecture and Shameless Plug for My College

Long time, no blog.  I’ve been insanely busy lately, with the beginning of a new semester, but things are starting to settle down now.  As mentioned in the “who’s who” section, I attend Bard College, which is a small liberal arts school about 2 hours north of NYC.  Traditionally the student body tends more towards the arts and humanities, but as of late the science departme... »

TS Tidbits – Darwin Day Edition

Happy Darwin Day everyone!  I hope you all have some celebratory plans.  My college is showing The Genius of Charles Darwin, presented by Richard Dawkins, so I’ll be watching that.  Here are some Darwin related tidbits: If you are still looking for some Darwin Day plans, DarwinDay.org has a list of events that are going on around the world. It’s also Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birth... »

Private Practice Takes On Anti-Vaxxers

I have a lot of guilty TV pleasures, one of which is Private Practice, a spin-off of Grey’s Anatomy, on ABC.  However, I gained a new level of respect for the show upon watching last nights episode, which dealt with anti-vaxxers and the vaccine-autism myth, and did so quite well.  You can watch the episode on abc.com but I will give a brief summary (spoiler alert) after the jump.   »

TS Tidbits 1.03

First TS tidbits of 2009! Wired has some ways you can justify your nocturnal habits to your parents. New Scientist lists the scientific heros and villians of 2008. 2009 is the International Year of Astronomy!  Seed has an article discussing the Kepler mission. The answers to the “Edge Annual Question” are posted.  Find out what will change everything. »

The College Search: Choosing Your School

A while ago I posted some tips for high school juniors considering what schools to apply to.  Now we are approaching the time of year in which college decisions start rolling in (as I was reminded by the letters coming in for my younger brother), so this post is aimed more towards high school seniors. »

I love Christmas, but…

I’m an atheist who loves Christmas.  I love the season, the decorations, the food, the family, the presents, and even the story (in a weird, sentimental way).  However, there is one thing that drives me nuts about it and it is this: at Christmas time blind faith seems to be encouraged even more than usual, and especially in children.  Christmas specials, like the Miracle on 34th street, disc... »

TS Tidbits 12.19

Good evening.   I’m operating on approximately three and a half hours of sleep right now (but finals are over!) so here are a few tidbits before I turn in.   State Attorney General Jerry Brown asks the California state supreme court to overturn Proposition 8. It looks like Obama is going to choose a physicist as his science adviser. Wired has announced its 4th annual Sexiest Geeks contest. B... »

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