Father’s Day!

It’s Father’s Day, and bloggers all over the interwebs are clacking away at their keyboards, talking about all things dad-related. I will be making general statements and also referencing my dad. One, my dad is awesome. B, no. Two, my dad is a perfect example of breaking stereotypes. Three, or C, if we’re …

Speak Your Mind

Speak Your Mind: Our Unseen Characteristics

There are some traits that people exhibit which tell us a little about them. You might be able to guess someone’s lineage by the tone of their skin; perhaps gauge where they might have grown up by their accent. You could interpret rough hands as a sign of manual labor …

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An Ex-Christian Testimonial (Making Fun of Ex-Gay Conversion)

I have a tendency to be all serious about activism. A lot of the issues we discuss here on the blog are politically intense and sometimes publicly controversial. However, sometimes we need to take a break from the gravity of it all and have a laugh. Ex-gay conversion therapy is …


Violence: It’s Never Okay

My first involvement with the skeptic community was subscribing to Skepchick and TS with Google Reader. I’m much more involved now than just checking my RSS feed, but it’s still part of my daily routine. One of the sites I’ve subscribed to is MoveOn.org. They post a lot of graphics …

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Job’s Daughters

When I lived with my mother, years ago, she and her dad spoke all good things about an organization that my grandpa helped out with. It’s called Job’s Daughters, and is an offshoot of the Masonic Lodge. I know relatively little about the Masons, other than it’s an all-male society …

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Neutral Words in Gendered Advertising

There are a lot of products that specifically market to one gender demographic over the other. I’ve noticed over my years of exposure to television and advertising that certain words aren’t directly associated with one gender or the other, but are sometimes exclusively used in advertising geared at one or …


“Escher Girls”: The Statue of Liberty

Many of those reading this website are, I’m sure, aware of what “Escher girls” are. If you aren’t, I’m here to make your day just a little more sad. Escher girls are so named after the artist M.C. Escher, who is famous for his physics-defying artwork. Many of his drawings …

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Advertising: You’re Doing It Wrong

Dr. Pepper 10's ad campaign, centered around macho men and manliness, has already turned a lot of heads. Many people have already written about the ads and pointed out that they're clearly sexist to women. The video embedded below was added to their website on April 3rd, so it's only …