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Why Skepticism needs Social Justice, and a call to arms

It is commonly questioned why skepticism and critical thinking need social justice– or, not even need social justice, but benefit from utilizing it at all. I’m here to argue that skepticism doesn’t just benefit from social justice, but that yes, it needs it. I’ve been watching a lot of Star …

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On Vaccinations

It seems like many preventable childhood illnesses, such as measles and pertussis, have been making an unfortunate comeback recently. From January to March 2013 alone, over 500 measles cases have been recorded in England (compare this to the 2011 figures from the whole of the UK- 334). In all of …

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Skepticism itself is not enough

There are two things you should know about me (I mean there are probably more, but for the purposes of this post: only two). One is that I am a tumblr-addict. Two is that I have eczema. Sometimes bad, sometimes mild, but that’s the fun of eczema– it’s often dependent …

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The Pseudoscience of Victim Blaming 4: Selling Miracles

There’s no whimsical way to start a blog post about terminal diseases, especially in regards to the people trying to make a quick buck out of those stricken with them. The absence of hope that can accompany such a bleak projection can lead to desperation, and that desperation is profitable, …

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Why I Go to the Chiropractor

I have a horrible confession to make: I have been to a chiropractor twice in the last week. Feel free to throw things at me right now for being a bad skeptic. I know, I know, there is no medical evidence that chiropractic works, it’s all based on woo, why …

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Why the Green Party Lost My Vote

So, it’s a big day here in the UK. Okay, it’s no bigger or smaller than any other day, but there are some local elections going on, and I found myself falling victim to my own lack of research. I know, I know, I’m a hypocrite, but hear me out. …

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Dear Sasquatch: Does Ear Candling Work?

Dear Sasquatch: My aunt and cousin swear by regular ear candling to remove toxins. I have a sinus infection, and my cousin tells me the ear candling clears the sinuses as well. Is this true? Is there any benefit to this? –Vin L. Dear Vin: Ear candling has no effect …

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Dear Sasquatch: Are There Superbugs in My Bacon?

Dear Sasquatch, My roommate is really into organic food, and I told him I didn’t think it was worth the money, so we pretty much agreed to buy and eat our own food. But he did show me an article about animal antibiotics creating superbugs that infect humans: How Using Antibiotics …