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CIA Finally Admits Existence of Area 51 — Let’s Talk Ad Hoc

Well, the United States’ most notorious non-secret secret has finally become just a boring non-secret non-secret.  The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency, for those who don’t live in the States) has released a report acknowledging the existence of Area 51, which for decades has been a favorite topic of conspiracy theorists …

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I’m Not Saying It Was Aliens… (Misadventures in Self-Diagnosis)

Self-diagnosis has become a pretty popular thing on the internet. Possibly because you can consult about problems that in all likelihood aren’t really problems without having to tell someone you’re actually worried about them. That’s why I do it anyway. What? Never seen a hypochondriac before? Anyway, if you ever …

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They’re Comin’ for My Guns

Gun control is a hot topic right now. All sorts of opinions have gotten thrown around about it, all sorts of issues have been connected to it, and there’s a lot of emotion around it. But one thing that doesn’t seem to get addressed too often is the efficacy of …

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Conspiracy Behind The Creed: Assassins, Lady Gaga & Why You’re Blind

When it comes to the use of woo in video games you really don’t have to look far to see its reaches; whether unproven notions are being used as plot devices, game-play elements or just sprinkled throughout the story it’s generally forgivable, even when a man sitting on  a bridge in Pokémon …

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Suspension of Disbelief: Assassin’s Creed Primer

Suspension of Disbelief is a weekly feature, in which we review movies, books, TV shows, and other popular culture for the skeptical teens. In preparation for the release of the ever-anticipated release of Ubisoft's 'Assassin's Creed III' in four or five months, it's about high time we ran through the …

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Guest Post: Big Bra-ther

A guest post by Kate: You wear bras. Or maybe you don't. Maybe you're male or identify as such, or don't like them, or like camisoles (I'm a fan of the all-purpose stretchy cami myself). Maybe it was hard to decide between front-hooking bras and the back-clasping ones. In all …

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2012: The Parade of Crazy

Happy New Year! Are you ready for the end of the world? Yeah, me neither. Good thing there’s no reason to believe that’s going to happen. Because, you know, the Mayans weren’t clairvoyant and didn’t predict anything. A nice little video explaining why all this 2012 apocalypse stuff is hooey …

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The Penises! They’re Everywhere!

On Monday, The Colbert Report aired a truly hilarious piece on William Tapley, self-proclaimed “Third Eagle of the Apocalypse” and “Co Prophet of the End Times.” Impressive titles! We’d better listen to what he has to say. And, boy howdy, does he have a lot to say. Like all doom-sayers …