Medical Monochromatic Fashion, an Evolution

Cross posted from Coffeefied, Operafied, Fluffified, Beglittered I have been reading Francesco Adami’s From Last Hope to First Aid: Stories from the History of Emergency Medicine. In his discussion of white coats, a color chosen for resistance to discoloring effects of antisepsis methods, he suggests that the reader observe a …


How Best to Be Pleasingly Decorative to Complete Strangers: Facial Expression Edition

It has come to my attention that “resting bitch face” or “bitchy resting face” is an expression and that it describes an undesirable thing.  I think, as usual, I’m behind the times on this, but I heard it for the first time only recently.  I react to it about the …

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A Mandatory Love for Babies

Olivia’s musings on the social unacceptability of not desiring children has inspired me to write about much the same thing. I used to be a fundamentalist (lite) Christian.  I was bad at it.  Mostly, I was really bad at feeling the emotions I was supposed to feel.  I tried really …

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Will You Be Disappointed In Me?

I recently had someone very close to me ask this question in regards to taking a job at Starbucks. They’ve been serially unemployed and are getting desperate. Many of my friends are in similar positions: they work in retail, food service, temp positions, or are serial interns. I’m sure my …

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Navigating Sexuality in Young Adulthood

Warning: This post contains some adult material, focusing on sex and sexuality. Intended for 15+. If you look at religious childrearing manuals and suggestions, you’ll probably see a lot of information about sex, dating, and sexuality. Most of it is likely about how to keep your child from doing anything …

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Weddings: I have to do what?!

One of the …neatest/oddest/most annoying (choose your own adventure) things about getting married is attempting to navigate all the traditions. Which ones do I do? Which ones are stupid? Which ones have valid origins? It all started with the wedding shower kerfuffle (to have one or not to have one… …

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Fleshspace and Internet Space: Integration and Variation

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far away there was a conference call Skeptech. And at Skeptech I was on a panel about meatspace and cyberspace activism. And since that time there have been thoughts percolating in the back of my mind about the pros and cons of …

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Why I Go to the Chiropractor

I have a horrible confession to make: I have been to a chiropractor twice in the last week. Feel free to throw things at me right now for being a bad skeptic. I know, I know, there is no medical evidence that chiropractic works, it’s all based on woo, why …