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Grim Reapers and Better Alternatives to Fear-Based Behavior Change Campaigns

The season of prom is upon us, and school administrators are turning to fear-based and oddly macabre methods to prevent alcohol-related fatalities. For instance, having a grim reaper wander the halls of school and pick students at random to be made up as dead people in order to provide gruesome …

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5 Inappropriate Responses to Robin Williams’ Suicide

1. Suicide is selfish/cowardly, how could he do that to all the people who loved him? This is an extremely common reaction to any suicide, and not only is it just factually wrong that suicide is selfish or something that you do to other people, it also continues the stigma …

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Bi-erasure: Constantine

Content description: Discusses bi-phobia and bi-sexuality. Mentions smoking. Excessive use of sarcasm. So there has been some sad, but none too surprising news recently, NBC’s new show Constantine which I’ve been looking forward to, is bi-phobic. As this new adaptation of the Hellraiser comics portrays Constantine, a canonically bi-sexual character …

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YA Lit and Feminism: Divergent as a Case Study

I am a rabid fan of YA literature. I love it, and I think that many authors who are willing to invest in writing for young people are willing to invest in serious portrayals of women and girls as well. YA lit is often the place where the fiesty, strong …

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The Sexualization of YA Fiction

Most people think of teenhood as a time of raging hormones and awakening sexuality. “Experimentation”, “hormonal” and “out of control” are things we tend to associate with young adults and sexuality. Young adult fiction seems to have picked up on these associations and has one-upped its adult counterpart in terms …

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Evidence and Rape Culture: A Response to Justin Vacula

Justin Vacula. Oh Justin, Justin. Why did you have to write an article that denied rape culture and leave it there for me to read first thing in the morning after only getting 6 hours of sleep? I mean really? Because you know what that means? It means I have …

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Angry Feminism

Ellie Mae O’Hagan wrote an article recently at the Guardian suggesting that feminism should not lose sight of its anger in an attempt to look and sound pleasing. In response, she’s gotten a lot of people telling her that she’s policing, that she’s lost in an image of feminism as …

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They’re Comin’ for My Guns

Gun control is a hot topic right now. All sorts of opinions have gotten thrown around about it, all sorts of issues have been connected to it, and there’s a lot of emotion around it. But one thing that doesn’t seem to get addressed too often is the efficacy of …