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You – Yes, You! – Can Write for Teen Skepchick!

Hello, loyal Teen Skepchick readers. It is I, Mindy, managing editor of this illustrious blog. I have exciting news: We’re looking for new writers. Writing for Teen Skepchick is a labor of love. We can’t offer you any pay. (We’re all still waiting for that Monsanto/vaccine lobby paycheck.) But, what …

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Reality Checks: Cancer Risk on Mars, Whitesplaining, Pressure on Scientists, and Elizabeth Warren, BAMF

That guy in The Martian would have definitely gotten cancer in real life. (via Scientific American) What is whitesplaining? (via Raw Story) Governmental scientists say that politics and industry pressures effect their research. (via Think Progress) Elizabeth Warren tells it like it is about the Republican efforts to defund Planned …

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Teen Skepchick is Hiring!

Hang on to your hats, people of the Internet. I’m about to make your dreams come true. Assuming your dream is to write for free for a skeptic blog. (And of course it is.) You, people of the Internet, are in luck. Teen Skepchick is looking for new writers. We’re …

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Behind the Scenes at TSHQ: Teen Hobbit

We here at Teen Skepchick are spread across the globe. Because of that, we don’t get a lot of one-on-one time. But every couple of weeks we get together on Skype to chat and plan posts. (I mean, the magic that is TS doesn’t just happen.) Often during this bi-weekly …

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An Intro to Eating Disorders: Myths

Here at Teen Skepchick we strive to write about things that are relevant to our lives, and thus (we hope), relevant to the lives of other young women. As we’ve gotten to know each other, we’ve come to find that a surprising number of us have struggled with or are …

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A Fracturing Movement

Over at Atheist Neighbor, Devitek Pond recently put up an article about factions within the skeptical movement, and the problem of cohesiveness. He suggests that these factions are a huge problem, and that while individuals may have differing opinions, as a group we must “share the same goals and purpose”, …

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The Science of Laughter

I love comedy, and I love science. And I love it when those two things are put together. Here’s a selection of shows where they do just that:

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Discourse Across Belief: Respecting The Ethics of the Other

I recently saw a blog post that said “God loves good atheists more than evil Christians”. This may seem really logical to the people reading this blog, but it garnered some anger from a few of the religious blogs I follow. They responded with something along the lines of “why …