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Bi-erasure: Constantine

Content description: Discusses bi-phobia and bi-sexuality. Mentions smoking. Excessive use of sarcasm. So there has been some sad, but none too surprising news recently, NBC’s new show Constantine which I’ve been looking forward to, is bi-phobic. As this new adaptation of the Hellraiser comics portrays Constantine, a canonically bi-sexual character …

Nightvale is the best thing
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Suspension of Disbelief: Welcome to Nightvale

Content description: Flashing gif at bottom of the page (link to source definitely flashes) and use of reclaimed homophobic slur. Plus a lot of strange metaphor and a review of ‘Welcome to Nightvale’. Well it’s exam season, a time of food, rum and tearful procrastination. If you want to skip …

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What it means to be a woman in nerd culture: The Mary Sue

As a writer I come across the term ‘Mary Sue’ often enough. Hell I come across that term as a reader and yes as an unashamed, hyperactive English lit nerd. Up until recently I had no real qualms with this term, that is until I began to analyse it’s frequent …

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The Sexualization of YA Fiction

Most people think of teenhood as a time of raging hormones and awakening sexuality. “Experimentation”, “hormonal” and “out of control” are things we tend to associate with young adults and sexuality. Young adult fiction seems to have picked up on these associations and has one-upped its adult counterpart in terms …

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What it means to be a woman in nerd culture: The fake geek girl

The ‘fake geek girl’ trope revolves around the idea that girls interested in anything remotely geeky, aren’t actually interested, no all they want are boyfriends. I have a problem with this. Not only does this  rely on a two dimensional view of women who live to ensnare men by any …

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The Lessons of Success

There’s a piece of received wisdom that says we learn more from our failures than we do from our successes. When you fail, it says, you learn what not to do in the future, you learn about yourself and your reaction to stress, you learn who you can count on, …

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Will You Be Disappointed In Me?

I recently had someone very close to me ask this question in regards to taking a job at Starbucks. They’ve been serially unemployed and are getting desperate. Many of my friends are in similar positions: they work in retail, food service, temp positions, or are serial interns. I’m sure my …

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Danica McKellar’s Fun Little Bites of Mathy Goodness

Danica McKellar, who has actual math degrees in addition to being an actress, is trying to get girls interested in math.  She’s starting a webseries! Math Bites!  I’m suspicious of this.  Increasing the participation of girls in science and math in the face of stereotype harm and the president of …