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Josh Duggar and the Only Part of Christian Hypocrisy that Really Upsets Me

A standard charge leveled against Christians is that they are hypocrites, and a standard talking point by Christians in response to this is that of course they are hypocrites, that’s why they have to go to church.  This is often a bridge into a speech on how wicked we all are, …

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Adventures in Unexpected Evangelism: Stitchery Edition

I cross stitch because, as an amusing photo I saw on Facebook informed me, cross stitch is for those times when one simply has to stab something 20,000 times.  I bought a new cross stitch pattern off Etsy because I’m bored with my current projects.  It happens.  My new pattern …

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In Which Neil Gaiman Reminds Me How Nice it is To Not Fear Posthumous Judgment

Merely a quick thought here.  I was reading The Ocean at the End of the Lane, in which, toward the end, Neil Gaiman pens the line “You don’t pass or fail at being a person, dear.”  It’s a beautiful line, particularly in standing as it does against popular religions that feature afterlives. …

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Godly Marriage and Other Christian Cruelties

I do celebrate Christmas, in a secular way, with my religious parents. The Church of Christ, the sect they belong to, would never celebrate holidays religiously because that might be fun or interesting and either of those things might compromise the requisite superiority about not being a part of any …

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Tracts in the Mail

As Olivia taught us recently in her DBT series, sometimes there are simply no pros to outweigh the cons of saying certain things to one’s relatives.  One such situation is the way that my very Christian grandparents keep sending me tracts and handwritten notes attempting to convert me.  Fortunately, they …

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Depending on What you Mean by Love

There’s a great line in Madama Butterfly, after Pinkerton is asked if he actually loves his newly purchased (literally, for 100 yen) Japanese wife, and he replies “Well, it depends on what you mean by love.”   Of course, the point is to continue to illustrate what a truly terrible person …

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The Ethics of Doing Business with the Religious

It’s easy to point at the people who refuse to make wedding cakes for gay couples and discuss their lack of professional ethics.  Things just became less easy for me because, in my capacity as a professional dancer, I have just been hired to perform for a religious organization that …

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If Proselytizing Speech Were Held to the Standards of Advertising Speech

I collect religious tracts, but with rules.  They must be given to me by someone in a way that implies that giver thinks something is really wrong with me.  Preferably with as much condescension as possible.   “Here, I think you need this” is good.  Left taped to my door …