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Bird’s do it, Bees do it even- Wait?! How exactly do bees do it???

Well bees or to be more exact Honeybees “do it” mid flight, in a massive swarm and several endophallus’s get blown off. Okay so that was pretty vague if intriguing and I can hear you begging for the gory details. Well unfortunately for you, exploding endophallus’s aside Honeybee mating isn’t …

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Sex is weird: The Australian Redback Spider

CW: I only talk about spider sex, there aren’t any pictures of them for anyone with a phobia! Hey guys, so last time I was talking about the evolution of sex (one of my favourite topics) so I thought I’d crack on with some fun case studies of where sex …

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The Best Museum You Never Knew Existed is in Oklahoma City

You may have noticed a lack of Physics Philes for the past several weeks. That’s because I’ve been at the University of Oklahoma as a participant in their physics REU. REUs, or Research Experience for Undergraduates, are great and if you have the opportunity you should definitely participate in one. …


The Evolution of Sex

Sex is confusing and not only in the figuring out what goes where and who, if indeed anyone, you want to do it with. It’s very existence is a problem that has puzzled evolutionary biologists for centuries. For all intents and purposes sex shouldn’t exist, let alone be intrinsic to …

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Science Sunday: UV Light vs Bacteria

While looking for a project for this year’s science expo (or science fair as it is called in the States), I came across the most fascinating thing. Airports use UV light hand-dryers in their restrooms.  Now admittedly I do not frequent airports as I rarely fly anywhere so I have …

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A whole-brain activity map, and the Obama administration

Last month, the Obama administration announced a plan to fund a huge, decade-long project to simultaneously map the activity of each individual neuron in the entire human brain — the Brain Activity Map (BAM). The project aims to develop new technology to visualize the activity of individual neurons in the …

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Science Sunday: Otter Penises & Pollution

For those who don’t pay much attention to furry things in British rivers (and really, why would you?) you might be interested to hear that the otter population in my homeland is on the way up and recovering from their rapid decline in the 1970s. Now, what seems to have …

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Genetically modified salmon: food or “frankenfish”?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is close to approving genetically modified (GM) salmon as a food with no significant environmental impact. These fish, popularly dubbed as “frankenfish” in several news reports, produce higher levels of growth hormone. This makes them easier to farm, because they grow much faster than …