Branching Out

I have recently become a part of the Skepchick Events team (huzzah!) and as part of my duties I spent a good chunk of my day going through and finding what events are available for atheists and skeptics so that we can pass that list on to you, dear …


What should we value more – experience or knowledge?

  My stepfather is a 60 year old retired minister of the United Church. His shtick is helping old people find meaning in life and discovering ways to “age well”. He is pretty well-read, was university educated, which, coupled with his personality and the fact that he has been in …

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Dear Sasquatch: If we dream we die, do we actually die?

Dear Sasquatch: Is it true that if you die in your dreams, you will die for real? Like have a heart attack or something? —Pari S.

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Irrationality and Emotions

So last weekend at Skepticon I have been having an absolutely fabulous time hearing speakers, going to workshops and hanging out with generally awesome people. Over the course of the weekend, I noticed a couple of themes cropping up, and one of them is extremely important to me. Stephanie and …


Sexism: scaring the good ones away

A couple weeks ago, Rebecca Watson (of Skepchick, duh) wrote a piece for Slate magazine recounting the enormous brouhaha that erupted after her comments on how to treat women at skeptical gatherings. Most of the readers here will probably be familiar with what happened, so I’m going to skip to the end …

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The Witching Hour

Have you ever been awake past midnight? Of course you have, we’re all human. What is it then, about the early hours of the morning, that earns them a reputation among occultists and storytellers, as the home of spirits, monsters and things that generally go bump in the night? How …

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Criminals, Those Who Are Mentally Ill

So some of you might have noticed that there was a presidential debate a couple of days ago. It’s been kept pretty quiet, so I’d understand if you hadn’t seen it. There are any number of things that happened in the debate about which I have many opinions, but there …

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To Tattoo or not to Tattoo

I’ve been thinking a lot about tattoos lately. I’m pondering getting a new one (my current one is pictured), and I know I’d get bad reactions from my parents and other adult-type figures in my life. But I know that I’ll get more. Why do I not care about the …