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Hi kids! Long time no see 🙂 Sorry I have abandoned you all, but I was starting a new job and without internet and traveling around Minnesota trying to raise money for nonprofits. But I’m BACK! And with coming back, I have found a huge pile of unread blogs waiting …

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Miss NASA Beauty Pageant: Queen of Outer Space

Mindy posted this picture from a mysterious “Miss NASA” beauty pageant on our Tumblr the other day. She is wearing a tiara and interacting with a Dalek-like machine. Although it is unclear whether she was just told to touch it and vaguely smile into the distance. According to Artifacting, who …

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The Story of You! (Narrated by the Ever-Wonderful Tim Minchin!)

Tim Minchin did something awesome! It is a new animated short (by the same awesome people who did Storm) about ENCODE, a big human data project. Read more about it here, and watch below the fold!

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Suspension Of Disbelief: True Love

It’s been a full week since the word on prometheus came out, and thanks to Mindy’s suspension of disbelief, and other reviews I’ve managed to avoid a movie that it sounds like I would hate. But given that we were ranting last week, I thought I’d lighten the mood and …

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The Interrobang, the Snark, and the Asterism

Guys, I really like punctuation and grammar. I like proper application of language so much that as a university freshman, I volunteered as a copy editor for the school newspaper.  I love when someone recognizes that “Let’s eat Grandma” is not the same as “Let’s eat, Grandma”. The Oxford comma and I …

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History Just Happened and You Should Care

T-minus 13 minutes. It’s 2:31 in the morning. I have important exam things tomorrow. But tonight–or really, very early this morning, history is being made. The first privately owned spacecraft is launching to dock with the International Space Station. I am watching it happen, sharing predictions and capital-letter updates with …

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Awe-stronomy Day

Today is Astronomy Day! Today is a day for stargazing and telescope pointing and squinting into eyepieces and being grouchy when clouds get in your way. It's a day for awe at the night sky, and watching others' faces light up under the stars. So today, let's talk some history, some …

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The ICD-10: Struck by a Turtle

Let's set the scene. And while we're at it, let's be dramatic.  A nurse calls, frantically across a crowded room 'Doctor, I've got a W5922XA! Come quickly!' She (In this story, we have gender-stereotype-kicking docs) looks up from a ghastly ill patient and calls back 'Are you sure?! Not a …