I have nothing to say except that I keep having fangasms about being here and I thought I would say that.

    Also cats > dogs.

    Rats may also apply.

    Oh and cupcakes are great. Cupcake > cake.

  • Amy, you have a nice beaver.

    no but seriously, I quite like your art. It reminds me of the portfolios of tattoo artists. Though, your surlyramics always have as well.

    Also, maybe I should make a whole thread about this, but do you find that tumblr is a good site to use as an online portfolio? I recently began looking into entering my work into…[Read more]

  • Ohmanshinynewforums.

    I have a feeling that your paintings are awesome and would love to see them.

    As for me, I do metalsmithing for sculpture and jewelry, I draw (and paint if the drawing demands it), and I also crochet. I do a lot of clothes now that I’m more into crochet, but I use it for more sculpture-like purposes occasionally.