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Reality Checks: Parasites for Pregnancy, Ahmed of the Clock Sues, Anonymous is not so Great at Twitter, and Pixar is Not so Good at Dinosaurs

Some parasites seem to lead to increased fertility in women.  (via The student who was detained and interrogated without his parents present for bringing a homemade clock to school is suing for money and written apologies. (via Sun times) Neil deGrasse Tyson says the Good Dinosaur has bad science. (via …

Teen Skepchick's Reality Checks

Reality Checks: Evolution, the Refugee Process, Red Mercury, and Retired Chimps

Acceptance of evolution is on the rise, thanks to young people. (via Slate) What the refugee process is really like in the United States. (via Vox) Terrorists are obsessed with red mercury, but there is no such thing. (via New York Times) The National Institutes of Health have retired all …

Teen Skepchick's Reality Checks

Reality Checks: Europa, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and the Surprising Illegality of New York Hoverboards

STDs in the US are at a record high. (via CBS Atlanta) Hover boards are now illegal in New York. (via Vice) We are going to Europa! EUROPA!!! (via Ars Technica) A report from google and gallup says that perceptions of computer science are inaccurate and reinforce and reflect stereotypes. (via …

Teen Skepchick's Reality Checks

Reality Checks: What Scares ISIS, AIDS Panic, the Loneliest Galaxy, and “Living Fossils”

Unity scares ISIS more than bombs. (via The Guardian) Let’s talk about HIV/AIDS panic. (via Slate) The loneliest galaxy in the universe. (via Discovery News) Crocodiles aren’t exactly “living fossils.” (via Laelaps) Featured image credit: Alexander Cahlenstein via Flickr Got a link you think we should know about? Contact us …


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  • User AvatarElizabeth I didn't know either of those things, thank you! – Sep 13, 4:27 PM
  • User AvatarAlex Kent Kalel Reynolds the bigger stonehenge (superhenge) has been there for 4,000 years underground but we just discovered it! – Sep 13, 4:13 PM
  • User AvatarAlex Kent Kalel Reynolds I find the new human discovery fascinating too- one minor point though- Elephants also grieve and bury their dead and return to the grave sites... – Sep 13, 4:11 PM
  • User AvatarAlex Kent Kalel Reynolds The Magellanic Clouds are gorgeous- did you know they contain the largest stars that have ever been discovered? Look up R136a and the Doradus Nebula! – Sep 13, 4:10 PM
  • User Avatarkagehi Course, there is also the "default" assumption that sleeping with someone when you spouse knows, and approves of it, is still "cheating". Err.. So, borrowing... – Jul 27, 3:39 PM
  • User AvatarMindy That cell phone one made me LOL. – Jul 07, 6:43 PM



Cryptophile: Cerberus

Welcome to cryptophile, the series in which I discuss fantastical creatures and the biological mechanisms that might or might not make them plausible. I’m back from a self-imposed hiatus after finishing my master’s degree and trying to get my gender issues to be recognised by my country. But all that …





A Non-Exhaustive List of Things which will Turn Ladies into Whores

Cross posted from coffeefied, operafied, fluffified, beglittered. Tea birth control the HPV vaccine not wearing a head covering (this and the two above are common knowledge, so you don’t need a link, right?) rights jazz-though to be fair, the depravity caused by jazz applied both to men and women, apparently getting …