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Reality Checks: Bathroom Discrimination, How Gender and Race Shape Views of Science, Making Harassment Easier, and Weird Pluto

Trans* teen wins a battle to use his appropriate bathroom. (via The Washington Post) Gender and race may shape how you view science. (via National Geographic) A new proposal could make harassment easier. (via Wired) Pluto just keeps getting weirder. (via Bad Astronomy) Featured image credit: Sam Howitz via Flickr …

Teen Skepchick's Reality Checks

Reality Checks: Crowdfunding Greece, Ending Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission, Cuteness Aggression, and Giant Dueling Robots

One man wants to raise 1.6 Billion for Greece via crowdfunding. It’s…not the worst idea, actually. And it’s very close to reaching it’s goal. (via Ars Technica) Cuba makes huge breakthrough and ends mother to child transmission of HIV! (via CNN) Threatening to eat or pinch things or people for …

Teen Skepchick's Reality Checks

Reality Checks: Notorious RBG, Leap Second, Girl Scout Awesomeness, and the Rise of Misty Copeland

Get to know Notorious RBG. (via Vox) Is it just me, or did yesterday seem longer? Probably that leap second. (via Discovery News) The Girl Scouts continue being awesome and return a hefty donation because it required that they discriminate against trans girls. (via Seattle Met) Misty Copeland is the …

Teen Skepchick's Reality Checks

Reality Checks: Porn, Lego Lovelace, and Marriage Licenses in Georgia

Aeon assures us that no, porn does not reduce interest in sex, increase sexual aggressiveness, or otherwise destroy society. (via Aeon)  First same-sex marriage hasn’t brought the apocalypse and now porn won’t destroy society.  What’s this world not coming to? Lego Lovelace!  I’m not saying you should all go make accounts …


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  • User AvatarElizabeth Oops, you're right, I'm off by a few orders of magnitude there. – Jul 02, 11:30 AM
  • User AvatarDrMcCoy Errm, the greek Indiegogo close to its goal? Am I missing something? It's at 1.4 million, of 1.6 billion, which is less than 0.1%, no?... – Jul 02, 11:23 AM
  • User Avatarfloatingmanatee Glad to hear that :) I'd agree, I do like Joss Whedon's work and I'm fairly sure there's been a lot of compromising going on... – May 06, 7:12 PM
  • User Avataroniraptor I'm new to the site but I found your article fair and interesting. I would have to agree that Joss has chickened out by dropping... – May 06, 3:00 PM
  • User Avatarrobster74 Love this article, reminds me of being young and loving the toys we all have before games consoles came along like Jumpster Trampolines – Mar 02, 12:00 PM
  • User Avatarfaradn Thanks for reading this so I didn't have to! ...Actually I probably wouldn't have read it anyway. But now that decision is even better informed. – Mar 01, 4:53 PM



The Evolution of Sex

Sex is confusing and not only in the figuring out what goes where and who, if indeed anyone, you want to do it with. It’s very existence is a problem that has puzzled evolutionary biologists for centuries. For all intents and purposes sex shouldn’t exist, let alone be intrinsic to …



Religion and Spirituality

Josh Duggar and the Only Part of Christian Hypocrisy that Really Upsets Me

A standard charge leveled against Christians is that they are hypocrites, and a standard talking point by Christians in response to this is that of course they are hypocrites, that’s why they have to go to church.  This is often a bridge into a speech on how wicked we all are, …




Reality Checks: Goldfish Continue to Ruin Everything, Obama is Going to say Something About Conversion Therapy, Grilled Cheese vs Frequency of Sexual Encounters, and the Day’s Dinosaur News

Obama is going to have conversations with lawmakers about ‘Conversion’ therapy for LGBT youth.  It’s a start.  (via NYT) Terrifyingly large goldfish are destroying ecosystems in Australia.  Don’t abandon pets.  Not only is it kind of terrible anyway, it’s bad for the environment.  (via Time) A Dating Site Reports a Positive …




Diction and Elocution for the Young Lady of the Technical Persuasion

As a lady of computer science, I cannot spend all my time hiding behind my glittery and pink monitor worrying about chipping my nails on the shift key. I must, at times, talk to people!  I must even talk to people who are men!  This causes me to spend much …