Teen Skepchick's Reality Checks

Reality Checks: World’s Largest Radio Telescope, the Music of Alan Turing, DDOS Attacks and Censorship, and Books for Prisoners

World’s largest radio telescope is now operational! (via spacereporter) Alan Turing made digital music (via Engadget) DDOS attacks as the democratization of censorship (via krebsonsecurity) Guide to donating books to prisons (via bookriot) Featured image credit: Kirrus via flickr

Teen Skepchick's Reality Checks

Reality Checks: Mapping Vaccine Skeptics, “Three-Parent” Baby, the Math of Coincidences, and Flue Shot Myths

Worldwide vaccine skepticism, in maps. (via Scientific American) Meet the world’s first “three-parent” baby. (via D-brief) Coincidences aren’t magical, but they can feel that way. (via NPR) Don’t let myths about the flu shot keep you from getting one. (via Lifehacker) Featured image credit: sylvar via Flickr

Teen Skepchick's Reality Checks

Reality Checks: Kidney Stone Roller coasters, Plutonic Oceans, Electric Textiles, and the Staten Island Ferry Disaster

Roller coasters, at least one specific one, may help with passage of small kidney stones. (via LiveScience ) Pluto may have a liquid ocean. (via Engadget ) Electricity-generating fabrics. (via Ars Technica) There is a monument to the nonexistent ferry that was attacked by an equally nonexistent octopus.  I love people. (via The Gothamist) Featured …

Teen Skepchick's Reality Checks

Reality Checks: Nazi Occultism, Skeletons in Shipwrecks, Falling Space Stations, and Fit children

Himmler’s library of occult books discovered in the Czech republic. (via War History online) Human remains found in Roman shipwreck. (via NYT) The most physically fit children in the world are in Tanzania (via ABC News) Chinese Space station is falling back to earth. (via Ars Technica) Featured image credit: wikimedia commons


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