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Awesome Sauce Music Friday

Awesome Sauce Music Friday! Nothing in Life Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution Edition

Heeeey nerds. Happy belated Darwin Day! It was Wednesday, if you missed it. But we here at Teen Skepchick think we should celebrate Darwin and his theory of evolution every day! What better way to celebrate Darwin’s legacy than a sweet rap? And this rap is sweet. It’s basically Baba …

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Awesome Sauce Music FridayFeatured

Awesome Sauce Music Friday! Steer a Course for a Brave New World of Common Sense and Wonder Edition

Hello! It’s time for more awesome sauce music! You ready to go? Let’s do eeeeeet. This week’s song is from a band that I thought broke up in the 90s (they, in fact, broke up just last year): Chumbawamba. Over the years they tackled feminism, animal rights, and anti-fascism. But …

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Awesome Sauce Music FridayFeatured

Awesome Sauce Music Friday! Kirk Cameron’s Gone Bananas Edition

Good day to you! Are you ready for the weekend? Yeah, of course you are. Here’s a sweet tune to get you on your way! Did you know that you’ve always wanted to see a rap battle between Kirk Cameron and Charles Darwin impersonators? Trust me. You have. Who will …


Darwin Day is Tomorrow!

Since most of our readers are science nerds (or at least know something about science and evolution), I’m sure it’s not news to you that tomorrow is International Darwin Day! If you’re not familiar with the celebration, I guess I’ll take the several minutes to explain what’s going on. Because I love …