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A Short History of Atheism

As an atheist, I have always felt it important to understand my own position as well as that of the religions I reject. This has sparked a keen interest in a subject which is labelled “RMPS” (Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies) in Scottish schools. It’s a great subject which is …


The Origins Of Vertebrates Part 3: Baby Got Back

If you’re looking at the featured image for this blog you might be turning your nose up, and I wouldn’t blame you, but before you leave in disgust I’d like to introduce you to the acorn worm, a strange little creature that’s anatomically very similar to the ancestor of all …

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Science Sunday: Why The Natural History Museum Is Awesome

I went to London recently as a pit stop on my way to Belgium, not because it’s halfway down, but because there’s a stretch of sea I have to cross to get to mainland Europe and the capital’s got a famous train line that does just that. The last time …