The Not So Beautiful Game Step 3: In Which Our Narrator Gets Close to Thinking of Women as People, but Veers Off Very Expectedly into Rapiness

We have reached a need for content warnings, I think.  No actual rape, but very rapey attitudes and opinions are expressed. On a tangential, but unrelated note, I was in Austin, TX, recently, and apparently many famous movie stars live there, including but not limited to Sandra Bullock.  I was …

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The Not So Beautiful Game Step 2: In Which a Good Stiff Motivational Speech Might Be in Order

I continue reading Neil Strauss’ The Game.  Step 2 is Approach and Open.  Are you ready?  Are you ready for this?  Are you hanging on the edge of your seat? In this section, we abandon our frame narrative for some point in the past When it All Began (TM).  Our intrepid …

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The Not so Beautiful Game Step 1: An Uncompelling Frame Narrative Stigmatizes Mental Illness

I have started reading Neil Strauss’ The Game.  I have heard this is the defining literary work of the pick up artist movement/subculture/whatever and while I have heard a lot of bad comments about it, I have never actually read it.  With the exception of Twilight, I do attempt to …