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Bird’s do it, Bees do it even- Wait?! How exactly do bees do it???

Well bees or to be more exact Honeybees “do it” mid flight, in a massive swarm and several endophallus’s get blown off. Okay so that was pretty vague if intriguing and I can hear you begging for the gory details. Well unfortunately for you, exploding endophallus’s aside Honeybee mating isn’t …

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Sex is weird: The Australian Redback Spider

CW: I only talk about spider sex, there aren’t any pictures of them for anyone with a phobia! Hey guys, so last time I was talking about the evolution of sex (one of my favourite topics) so I thought I’d crack on with some fun case studies of where sex …


The Evolution of Sex

Sex is confusing and not only in the figuring out what goes where and who, if indeed anyone, you want to do it with. It’s very existence is a problem that has puzzled evolutionary biologists for centuries. For all intents and purposes sex shouldn’t exist, let alone be intrinsic to …

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50 shades of fail chapter 4 : Where friends are bad friends and stalking is somehow romantic.

Content Warning: This post has a fairly graphic description of sexual harassment within it and as usual is discussing 50 Shades of Grey which is rife with abusive behaviour including stalking. The last time I wrote I left you with the breathtakingly romantic image of Ana clutched in Grey’s arms …


The Not So Beautiful Game, Step 8: In Which our Narrator Dislikes his Housemates and Falls Prey to Consistency Bias

Trigger warning: discussions of taking photos of sex without permission. Sexy photos, taking and distribution of, without permission, is what I would consider a sex crime. See Je