Teen Skepchick's Reality Checks

Reality Checks: Ancient Meteor Fluids, Religious Freedom and Covid Closings, Repositive Covid Patients not Infectious, Florida Covid Data Scientist Fired

Ancient fluid in meteors, (via Sciencealert) Trump says covid restrictions on religious gatherings violate religious freedoms. (via LATimes) After infection, COVID patients who test positive are not infectious. (via Ars Technica) Scientist says Florida fired her for refusing to manipulate covid data (via NPR) Featured image credit via Flickr

Teen Skepchick's Reality Checks

Reality Checks: Watchdog probing Saudi Arms Sales Fired, Artemis Accords, Results of Stay at Home orders, And Divisiveness in Times of Covid

Trump fired watchdog who was probing Saudi arms sales. This is all fine. (via Reuters) NASA release the Artemis accords, an agreement for space travel. (via Sciencealert) Stay at home works. (via Ars Technica) Dangers of divisiveness in a pandemic. (via NPR) Featured image credit via Flickr

Teen Skepchick's Reality Checks

Teen Skepchick: Covid Replication, Disinfectant Poisoning, Trump Suing States that Don’t Reopen, and Pence Won’t Wear Masks

How COVID 19 replicates( via Disinfectant poisoning spikes after Trump mentions it. (via The Independent) Trump threatens to sue states that don’t lift pandemic orders. (via Ars Technica) Pence declines to wear a mask, which would not cover his eyes, in order to look people in the eye. (via …

Teen Skepchick's Reality Checks

Reality Checks: Resurrecting Neanderthals, Glowy Plants, the Digital Divide, and new Covid Symptoms

Hypothetically resurrecting neanderthals( via The Guardian) Glowy plants via mushroom dna(via The Gizmodo) The FCC understates the digital divide (via Ars Technica) CDC adds new symptoms(via NPR) Featured image credit via Flickr

Teen Skepchick's Reality Checks

Reality Checks: Slytherin Snek, Pandemic Environmental Effects, Baking Tapes, and Crimes against Humanity Trial

A Salazar Slytherin Snake (via  Independent ) The pandemic side effects are good for hte planet. (via The Guardian) Reel to reel tapes can be baked into playability (via Ars Technica) A trial for crimes against humanity in Syria starts thursday (today) in Germany. (via NPR) Featured image credit: The Independent


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