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Dr. Teen Skepchick or how I learned to stop just writing posts and tried to get more people to actually read them.

In our quest to spread the evils of skepticism, critical thinking and freethought, I intend to use this post to let you know the ways in which you can support the indoctrination of critical thinking in teenage girls and help us gain more readers for this site.

The first thing you can do is send out an e-mail to all your friends with a link to Teen Skepchick. Just let them know about how there’s an awesome new site on the Internet that’s for anybody and everybody but mostly aims towards encouraging critical thinking in teens ages 12-21. If you have a blog of your own you can link to this site or any post which you’ve decided that you like.

For those of you who have Facebook, for whatever reason, there’s an application called Blog Networks which you can join to show your support for your favourite blogs (and hopefully Rebecca won’t see the U and chew on me for the Britishism) and Teen Skepchick is currently on it with a total of 33 readers. It includes a Blog Feed with the titles of the most recent posts so that you know when one of us is mercilessly tearing through some tasty, crunchy pseudoscience. Creationism differs from most pseudosciences in that it is chewy.

Mmm… chewy creationists.

Ahem… There’s another way for you to know when I have mercilessly torn through some pseudoscience. You can follow me on Twitter. For those of you who don’t know, Twitter which is like social networking with a stalkerish flair to it. If you “follow” somebody then you get to read their little updates of what they’re doing which they’ve entered into Twitter. So, if you follow me, you’ll probably see links to new posts which I have written, though I can’t guarantee the same for my co-authors, as well as random thoughts and stuff about what I’m doing at any given moment in time.

Next up there’s a new social networking site for freethinkers, atheists, humanists and agnostics called “Atheist Nexus” which is run by “Brother Richard”, author of (who includes a section on his website which links to “Freethinking Teens”). There are two groups of note on Atheist Nexus for younglings. Young Atheists and, of course, a Teen Skepchick group which I’ve just started. Oh, and if you want to be friends with me on Atheist Nexus here’s a link to my profile and a link to Katherine’s profile.

If you join any of the above groups, there are ways to send out invitations to your friends on these social networking sites. On Facebook there are limits to how many friends you can invite per day, but if you’re committed enough you can invite all of them eventually.

So that’s all I have so far in terms of ways of supporting Teen Skepchick on the Internet. There are things you can do too in this strange realm which I barely exist in called “real life”. Tell your friends about Teen Skepchick when you head back to school this year. If you have teachers who support skeptical thought let them know about it too so they can let other students know about it. If you are part of a local skeptics group or club at your school of some kind let them know about us as well. It might be cool if you even try writing groups or clubs so that they can critically analyze my use of syntax and figurative language.

That’s all I’ve got for now. If you have other ideas for how we can support Teen Skepchick, I’d love to hear about them and I’m sure Rebecca would too.

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elles the vampire slayer

elles the vampire slayer


  1. vreify
    August 5, 2008 at 11:27 am —

    I’ve been thinking about this too, Elles! Next week when I have more time on my hands, I want to explore the teenage internet and post links to the TS site. Just to get our name out there so more people will be reading us.

  2. Cassie
    August 5, 2008 at 5:10 pm —

    I am going to make TS flyers and put them in my high school and in other schools in my area. I do know a few teachers who would gladly spread the word as well. Oh, and myspace group!

    … we could also beg Rebecca for a shout out on SGU.

  3. Joy Wang
    August 6, 2008 at 8:47 am —

    Cassie: Could you possibly stick a pdf of that up on TS? That would be great!

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