Voting and Clean Energy

You college students are lucky. You’re over 18 and thus have a right to vote and your vote could help make our future better.

When my AP World History teacher was encouraging us to vote in our school’s mock election he said…

Actually I don’t want to encourage everybody to vote. I don’t want people who don’t agree with me to vote.

Well, I think I can be pretty sure that if you’re reading Teen Skepchick you are at least willing to think through the issues carefully when making your decision so even if you don’t agree with me I want you to vote!

Now, here’s something you should consider amongst your issues when you vote if you’re not like me and you can vote.

Clean energy.

I figure that since both Barack Obama and John McCain say that they support investment in renewable energy this is a pretty politically neutral thing for you guys to support.

Not that that matters. Everybody knows that everybody lies but nobody lies like a politician… except perhaps lawyers.


Clean energy is something we can all agree on. For one thing, oil is a finite resource. Nobody can really predict for sure when we will run out, but it will happen eventually.

Second, climate change is happening. If you deny that bit you can give me links to some papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals (I have access to J-Store so I can probably read them if you find any). The part that is a little bit iffy is how much of it is caused by us. Even so the only way we can do anything about it is if it is caused by us so it’s safer to take steps to cut down whatever impact we are having on the environment.

But the most important thing is that you research this stuff for yourself.

I do, however, encourage to take the Power Vote Pledge which goes like this:

“We are young Americans demanding real solutions to global warming by voting to create a clean energy economy, green jobs for all, and to secure our climate. Join us.

I pledge to make clean, just energy a top priority in my vote this election.”

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elles the vampire slayer

elles the vampire slayer


  1. Im a Hedge
    October 29, 2008 at 3:47 pm —

    I’m not sure what “just energy” means, but consider that if you want clean energy you should want nuclear. Nuclear power has gotten a very bad name in some circles, but I would encourage anyone to look into it objectively.

    I am a Hedge

  2. November 1, 2008 at 11:56 am —

    I think you’re right, I’m a Hedge.

    When I hear this phrase “just energy”… well, of course energy is never just or unjust.

    Such a phrase immediately, to me at least, sounds like it’s the work of far-Leftists, or eco-Leftists, and admittedly, as many Skepchick and TS readers are probably smart enough to recognise, some such groups can be just as much anti-science, anti-education and anti-knowledge as the republicans, particularly when it comes to things like gene engineering of plants, or nuclear energy in particular.

    I agree that when you approach the issue in a science-based, critical-thinking fashion, there is nothing to be afraid of with regards to nuclear power, and it’s an important and useful technology.

    As with other clean and safe energy technologies, Obama supports nuclear energy, so there’s nothing on this issue that would influence my vote for him, if I had a chance to vote, that is.

  3. Im a Hedge
    November 5, 2008 at 11:35 am —

    I hope you’re right that Obama supports nuclear power. I had searched his website and found no mention of it, while McCain was openly supportive. If Obama supports nuclear, he seems to have wanted to keep that fact quiet, probably to avoid upsetting his base of support. Hopefully he will support it where it counts, even if he feels he must do so quietly.

    I am a Hedge

  4. November 5, 2008 at 4:37 pm —

    Obama mentioned nuclear energy in his answers to the 14 questions for Science Debate 2008.

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