Official Sitcom of Skeptics?

Every Monday night (when I do not have a test or other school assignment that needs doing) I sit down with a glass of chocolate silk milk, kick back and geek out to watch ABC’s “The Big Bang Theory.” After the opening scene cracks me up, I get treated to the Bare Naked Ladies theme song! (My geeky friend Steph and I can sing every word.)

I love this show! It’s entertaining, promotes science, and gives me cool ideas if I were to find myself bored. Besides, it’s just plain funny. The show has really captured the spirit of the true geek. (Not that geeks have spirits, but you get the idea…) From Sheldon’s sexy neurotic habits and lack of social skills (I think I’m in love), to Leonard’s awkwardness. The characters all bring a nerdy aspect to the table. Even Penny, who at first I considered to be the standard “dumb blonde,” now has her own nerdy niche in the show’s environment. She seems to represent common sense and emotional intelligence. In one of the episodes, Penny even gets addicted to an online video game.  It reminded me of my first videogame addiction. Good times… I am proud to say I have been clean of online gaming for a week now. That’s seven days baby!

I think it’s a good idea to use shows like this to get people interested in science. I got a few of my friends to watch and we ended up talking a little physics. 

Penny is not the only girl character on the show.  We can’t forget Leslie Winkle. One of the coolest characters on the show!

I also find Chuck Lorre’s vanity cards to be hilarious. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check this one out:

The Racism of King Kong

In all three film versions of the basic story, we are led to believe that Kong regularly feasts on native girls. Female human sacrifice is how the locals appease him. Then, in each re-telling, he is transformed from mindless, blood-thirsty carnivore to smitten, suicidal love monkey by a skinny, blonde-haired white girl (Fay Wray, Jessica Lange, Naomi Watts). Given this behavioral trend, it is my contention that King Kong would eat Halle Berry. This troubles me deeply and I wanted to share it with you.

If you want more, go here.

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  1. ChaoticMind
    December 9, 2008 at 7:53 am —

    I’ve only just started watching it a few days ago (god bless torrents — Hey! It doesn’t air in my country!). I think it was a post by BA that introduced me to the show.
    It is really great, although I do think some of the situations are sometimes too cliche (especially on Penny’s side).
    Also, have to say that I frequently find Sheldon’s neurotic behaviors annoying; the guy needs to loosen up a little. However, the frequent elaborate (convoluted, even) analysis of everyday situations are brilliant, and scarily close to what I’m sure is many of the fellow geeks’ thoughts.

    Leslie Winkle is, of course, full of win.

  2. December 9, 2008 at 9:06 am —

    I adore this show as well. Plus it’s followed by How I Met Your Mother. Neil Patrick Harris FTW 🙂

  3. December 11, 2008 at 10:46 pm —

    Videogames, they get me addicted everytime they release one I really want. I am a collectionist and completionist, and I did try rreaalllyy hard to collect ’em all.

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