Philosophical Tea Party 12.15

Oops. I studied too hard for my Bio exam and I forgot to pose a philosophical question to all of you! (On that note, I just finished that exam and realized I should have studied even more. Oh well.)

But here is our tea party, one day late.

Please pretend this tea party is being hosted in a room full of students who have just finished their final exams. They are relieved. There are dark chocolate, dried fruit, popcorn, trail mix and a myriad of cookies to eat. (Yes, my professors did provide these things after our exams!) The students begin to talk about skepticism. Someone asks:

Have you ever been discouraged from being skeptical? Why? How did you react?

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Vy is a recent graduate working in a neuroscience lab with children and monkeys. She likes sewing, knitting, lifting weights, and reading in her free time. Especially reading about science!

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  1. Cassie
    December 15, 2008 at 7:53 pm —

    I get discouraged for being skeptical almost every time I voice my skepticism (except at home). Most of the people that I am around get frustrated and angry if they find out that the supplement they are taking dose nothing or that going to their chiropractor is a waist of money. I react by just being even more skeptical about the subject. I also try to make sure that when I voice my opinion I don’t sound like an a**.

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