This School is (going to be) Cool!

Fact: Schools spend A LOT of money to make you smart.

In my school district (Miami-Dade), they’re trying to come up with ways to save some of the $80 million they spend a year. Cutting back energy costs is one idea. Students are encouraged to help turn off all the computers in the school at the end of the day. Teachers turn off the lights to their classrooms when they leave. Schools will not be powered over the summer. And now, they’re dedicating a WHOLE SCHOOL to energy-saving-eco-friendliness.
The school will have three magnets:

Environmental Research and Field

Studies designed to seek solutions

to contemporary environmental

problems, including study of natural


Engineering Technology and

Robotics, resource conservation methods

to curb human impact on the environment,

as well as design and testing

of robotic solutions to diminish negative

conditions, and

Biomedical Research to identify and

study human health issues in changing environments,

working with healthcare professionals

on the most current techniques to

benefit individuals and their communities.

From what I’ve heard, the school is going to have really super awesome features such as a display in the main entrance lobby that shows just how much energy the school is using, comparing it to a regular school of the same size and photo sensor lights that will dim when natural light from windows is available. Also the school is supposed to use less AC and water.


You can bet I have my sights set on applying for YYY-1 (as the school is as of yet unnamed). I will be attending a meeting tomorrow night for more information.

Until then, has anyone ever heard of a school as fantastically wonderful as this one before?

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