The College Search: Choosing Your School

A while ago I posted some tips for high school juniors considering what schools to apply to.  Now we are approaching the time of year in which college decisions start rolling in (as I was reminded by the letters coming in for my younger brother), so this post is aimed more towards high school seniors.

Finally deciding on which school to attend can be a stressful proccess, especially if you applied and were accepted to many schools and have no clear first choice.  If you find yourself in this situation (as I did) I highly recommend making a chart that compares different aspects of the various schools.  Go back to the list of desirable qualities  you made when you were deciding which schools to apply to (or if you didn’t make one then, make one now, see my last post for suggestions).  Consider which of those characteristics are most important to you, and perhaps even assign point values to them if you want to get extremely precise about it.  Then you can compare which schools have the most features that you want.  This will allow you to avoid choosing a school purely based on the feeling it gave you.  This is not to say that the feel of a school isn’t important, it is and you may want to include it on your list of qualities.  However, by choosing a school purely on the feel of it you may be leaving out some other extremely important factors, which could leave you with regrets down the road.

Lastly, try not to consider the opinions of others too much (especially your  peers).  You will of course want to listen to the advice of your parents, and you will most likely have to if they are paying for your schooling, but you probably know yourself and where you will be happy better than your friends do.  So don’t worry about what others think of your school of choice, choose the place you think you will be happiest.

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