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Hope everyone’s having a happy Monday.

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Vy is a recent graduate working in a neuroscience lab with children and monkeys. She likes sewing, knitting, lifting weights, and reading in her free time. Especially reading about science!

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  1. FFFearlesss
    January 12, 2009 at 3:53 pm —

    Steven Pinker is awesome. “How the Mind Works” was the single most influential book I have ever read. Aside from finally making me realize that, despite 26 years of Christian upbringing, evolution was real and you can see evidence of it even in the way we interact, it was also just an eye-opener to WHY I am the way I am as a human, as a male, as a this, as a that. Utterly utterly fascinating stuff if you can slog through a couple of sticky intro chapters.

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