Really Cool Physics Lecture and Shameless Plug for My College

Long time, no blog.  I’ve been insanely busy lately, with the beginning of a new semester, but things are starting to settle down now.  As mentioned in the “who’s who” section, I attend Bard College, which is a small liberal arts school about 2 hours north of NYC.  Traditionally the student body tends more towards the arts and humanities, but as of late the science departments are growing.  In fact, every year they give out scholarships (up to full tuition) to students who are planning to major in math or science.  Additionally we have a distinguished scientist lecture series, and in 2 weeks, physicist Jim Gates will be coming to speak at Bard.  You may have seen Jim Gates in the Elegant Universe on Nova, or last year at the world science festival.  He’s a really good speaker and I’m looking forward to seeing him.  If any of you are in the area, you should definitely come see it!  It would also be a good chance to check out a college, since I’m guessing some of you are probably juniors figuring out what schools to apply to next year.

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  1. February 27, 2009 at 12:40 am —

    Since you suggested a physics lecture to go to, I guess I will suggest a really good video lecture on rainbow. ^_^ One of the best lecture ever: Ok, I haven’t had much experience with lectures, so I don’t know if it is “best ever,” but it is really good.

  2. MaggieMoo
    March 26, 2009 at 5:20 pm —

    Hey Gals! I just wanted to let everyone know that Congressman Steve Cohen will be at Christian Brothers University in Memphis, TN at the school theatre on May 9th to celebrate 10 Amendments Day. Entrance at 6 and it starts at 6:30

    Could ya’ll please add this to the super special awesome calendar?

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