The Thissiders: Addressed

I failed to realize that some of the people who saw the posts that Elles and I wrote entitled “Thissiders” would not understand their purpose. So, a few basic things need to be explained.


Ghost hunting shows, like the Othersiders, are rife with scientific inaccuracy and bad critical thinking skills. What makes the Othersiders different and a bit more annoying, is that the show is aimed at kids. Kids that are still developing their ability to reason and think. The evidence produced on the show The Othersiders can be easily explained. However, to a young kid who has no idea what audio or visual pareidolia is, they could easily get sucked right in to this foolishness and believe that an “orb” (which is caused by light from the camera reflecting off of things in the air, like dust) is legitimist evidence for a ghost.


The problem with kids watching shows like this is that it gives them the wrong idea of what evidence and truth is. If a kid accepts the crappy evidence presented by shows like The Othersiders, what other crappy evidence will they accept? They might go on to believe that a parlor trick is legitimate evidence for a psychic. Or maybe they might read a ridiculous article about homeopathic medicine and refuse proper medical treatment in favor of alternative medicine. Watching stuff like this will not instill a habit of questioning everything. Which is what skepticism is all about, questioning everything.


With so much pseudoscience in the world people need good critical thinking skills and skepticism to lead healthy lives. Our goal with these posts, as with any other post on this site, is that a kid may stumble across them and come away with a better understanding of the world. You know the REAL one.


That is why Elles and I and whoever else wants to contribute, will continue to debunk claims made by the Othersiders.

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  1. junco
    July 21, 2009 at 9:11 pm —

    Go Get’Em. You are perfectly correct in your conviction, we don’t need any more non skeptical, non critical thinkers in the world. Also, typos are perfectly normal, perfectly acceptable, and I don’t point them out to be pedantic. It’s just the idea of debunking clams makes me giggle. I can’t help it.

  2. Cassie
    July 22, 2009 at 5:57 pm —

    Thank you kindly, and I did fix the typos. Thats what happens when you write things in anger late at night. 😉

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