No, I don't think I will eat babies…

You’ll never guess who was at my school today – or rather, across the street and watched closely by the cops. The good (cough, cough) people from Westboro Baptist Church decided to pay a visit and spread their hatred for…everything? Honestly, it was hard to find something they weren’t protesting. Unfortunately, I didn’t know in advance they were coming so I didn’t have a chance to make a sign of my own for a counter-protest. It would have been helpful if I had known they put up nifty schedules  on their website.

Here is a summary of what they were trying to convey, I guess. It’s not very clear. (Emphasis mine)

Notification OBEY GOD! We have a message especially for the youth of this DOOMED nation – DON’T TAKE OBAMA’s MARK! God has cursed you – hating teachers Sin-enabling-children-raping preachers Nothing left but misery – all your hopes are dashed God hates you Your “friends” hate you you’ll scream in hell In language you can more readily understand: Obama is NOT “tight”. Our God is “tight” and will kick your backsides straight into hell if you do NOT obey Him. Word to your peeps! AMEN!

See, when they said “Word to your peeps!” everything suddenly made sense to me.

IF I could have uploaded my video (as low quality as it was) you would be able to hear that the protesters were generally met with first disbelief and then outright laughter. They might have garnered a little more (well, not respect but you know what I mean) if they had left out the “YOU WILL EAT YOUR OWN BABIES” posters. They managed to get half my school to hate them with the anti-Jew and anti-gay messages, and the other half with the ones about Obama. If they were looking to convince somebody (and it was really hard just to determine what they were doing – it took us ten minutes to just figure out WHAT they were protesting) they just made fools of themselves, which was to be expected.


They spent the rest of the day (according to their schedule) harassing other parts of town, including the community college and the local Jewish Community Center.

Anyways, my general lack of posts recently is inexcusable, but I will still mention that homework and community service has kept me quite busy as an excuse. I’m hoping to catch up over winter break these next two weeks with tales about the Arecibo Radio Telescope and a biblical museum which happens to be el unico en el mundo! If you’re not excited, you should be.


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  1. w_nightshade
    December 15, 2009 at 5:42 am —

    The only rational response to these ignorant hate-mongers is merciless contempt. Well done you and your classmates.

  2. Lyra Lynx
    December 15, 2009 at 9:37 pm —

    Oh my Thor! Are they real? I read one of their rants on the schedule, no one could satire that if they tried. I read the bit about you and your violent classmates. I try to be excepting and not spread hate but those people kind of deserved it. I wouldn’t want them at my school.

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