A Fun Way To Deal With Woo!

I usually am not a big fan of the holidays. I don’t like my family and my mother and father get worn out all the time trying to cook and make everyone comfortable. With all the family drama and chaos there usually is no time to enjoy the holidays. Luckily this year my aunt and uncle came up with a fun game to deal with certain people in the family, like my fundamental evilangelist of a grandmother. I would like to share that game with you in hopes to possibly provide some laughs.

Do you have family members that:

  • Push their woo/Religious agenda on you and others?
  • Talk about nothing but one specific topic?
  • Complain about everything?
  • Obnoxiously drink too much?
  • Are generally just unpleasant for some particular reason?

If you answered “yes” to any of the following and have large family gatherings, this game is for you.


  • Either a napkin or handkerchief of sorts. It is to be used as a penalty flag.
  • A handful of trusty family members to get the joke and play along.


So the name of the game is “Flag on The Play.” The object of the game is to throw your napkin or whatever random object you use as your “flag” up whenever your family member exhibits an unwanted behavior. You can let everyone know about the game but this is ill advised. I suggest getting a small group of people in your family that may be annoyed by your targets, set rules on what behaviors get the “flag.” The game can be hilarious. As an example, if my grandmother pushed her agenda the people in on the game would silently throw up their napkins. Now our family is strange so my grandmother thought nothing of it. The game is fun and everyone laughs and does not feel as disgusted with the unwanted behavior. Note that this may not work in some families, and works best in large families where multiple things are going on at the same time. Please try to avoid huge fights and hurt feelings. Have fun! May your holiday season be full of reason!

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  1. Lyra Lynx
    December 25, 2009 at 3:31 pm —

    Ha! That game sounds fun. I wish I had an annoying member of my family to do that with. But they are all skeptics *sigh*. Good luck with your grandmother. I like how you turned evangelist into evilangelist.

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