Food for Freethought

Now here’s an idea that not only promotes freethinking but also helps out those in need. It’s also an offer a true nerdy bookworm like me can’t refuse: bring a food item to be donated to a food bank, and get a free book!

Food for Freethought is a local food drive put on by the Metro State Atheists that doubles as a banned/freethought books give away, and is scheduled to coincide with Banned Books Week (September 27 – October 2). If there are any Coloradoans reading this, then come on down to Auraria Campus anytime that week and donate.

And if you’re not from Colorado, well, there’s plenty of time between now and Banned Books Week to organize your own food drive (hint hint). It’s good for the community, good for the food donors, and good for the image of skeptics and freethinkers because of it!

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elles the vampire slayer

elles the vampire slayer

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  1. Lyra Lynx
    July 25, 2010 at 10:32 pm —

    That’s a fantastic idea. I think it’s great that an Atheists organization is collecting food and giving people free books. It’s like signing two peace treaties with one pen. (My alternative phrase for killing two birds with one stone.)

    I’ve had people tell me there is no morality without religion. One of the best ways to counter that is to have Atheists groups doing stuff like this. So it’s really like signing three peace treaties with one pen. Keep it up 🙂

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