An Ingredient in the New Batch

The rebirth of Teen Skepchick is underway and I’m pumped to be a part of it. I’m Katie, mid-20s and Canadian (eh!). I’ve been actively involved in the skepticism/atheist movement in Canada for quite a while through student groups (at York, U of Toronto, U of Victoria and U of Guelph – yes, I went to all 4 schools) , non-profit charities (The Freethought Association of Canada, mainly) and critical thinking ESL classes.

I have my undergraduate in Environmental Politics and am starting my Masters of Environmental Studies with a diploma in East Asian Studies in the Fall. Getting the Enviro-Poli degree was really difficult, not because of the content but because of the people. I had moved from a undergraduate in Earth and Ocean Science to this degree where 1/2 of it is based on social issues, so the people were very different.  In this part of the program there was a general consensus by the class that natural is inherently better than anything unnatural. They also fell very quickly for arguments against things like GMO’s, vaccines and synthetic clothing.

Given all that… you can expect to hear from me about these environmental “debates” (though it’s difficult to call them that) and Asian-supersitition on top of  Canadian ramblings about hockey and ice (because that’s all we have up here).

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Katie is a graduate student from Canada studying the environment and systems theory. She also loves dinosaurs and baking cupcakes. Follow her on twitter @katiekish

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