Kia Ora! Talofa! It’s time to say Hello!

Hey Everyone! My name is Lauren, I’m nineteen, a Kiwi, and if I were at all into labelling myself in such a manner, I might call myself a lapsed Catholic-Atheist-Skeptic-Humanist-Feminist. But I’m not, so I won’t! I’m a bit of a geek too- I’m working my way towards a BSc in Mathematics and Physics, and absolutely loving it.

My stumbling upon Skepchick and the Skeptical movement as a whole happened over the summer after my first year at university—I had spent the year being baffled at my floor-mates obsession with ghosts and apocalypses, frustrated at my male peers assumptions that because I was a girl I couldn’t do maths, meeting creationists who were open about it for the very first time, and at the end of it all, a good friend of mine died which forced me to face head-on my rejection of religion and exactly what consequences that had on my views of death. So it seems quite natural considering these things (and a few others), that when I was home for the summer and could get the internet without moving from under the bed covers, that I would be there with bells on ready to discover Skepchick!

My specific sceptical interests are in psychics (I’ve seen first-hand how they prey on people desperate to believe), pseudo-science (and actual science!), as well as the logic and critical thinking skills used by sceptics. My not-so-sceptical interests are in reading, swimming, netball, debating and knitting.

It probably goes without saying that I’m super-excited about writing for Teen Skepchick, and hoping it will be heaps of fun and we’ll learn lots of interesting stuff along the way!

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Lauren is a Maths and Physics student from somewhere in the southern hemisphere. She has an affinity for reality, and you can find her on twitter @lolrj, or Google+.

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