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Hello, the Internet! My name’s Ali Marie, and I’m one of the new writers here at Teen Skepchick. I’m a second-year college student currently living in the city of Chicago (although I hail from Denver, CO), studying Geophysical Sciences and Music. Within my major, my specific interests are in paleontology, museum studies, and education. I’ve volunteered at several museums, in Denver, Sioux Falls, and Chicago, for over 5 years, usually in either the earth sciences department or in the children’s exhibit. Museums are where my paleo-nerdiness and museum geekery and love of science developed. Music is my other, side passion: I play every clarinet, every saxophone, and several additional instruments. In whatever spare time I find, I am also a bookaholic. I read obsessively, nearly anything I can get my hands on: fantasy, sci-fi, science literature, history, and the occasional interesting textbook. I also do scientific illustration and write fiction once in a while. During my summers, I spend time in the Western US digging up dinosaurs and other organisms of the distant past.

So, enough about all the things I do. Why am I here, writing for Teen Skepchick? To put it simply, because I love reality. I find the world to be a fascinating, beautiful, exciting place, that, through science and critical thinking, we can come to know and appreciate in ways people mere centuries ago could have never fathomed. To quote one of my literary heroes:

There is a single light of science, and to brighten it anywhere is to brighten it everywhere.
-Isaac Asimov

I hope that, through sharing my wonder about our universe with you here on TS, I can help to brighten the light of science in your life as well as my own. I look forward to this new adventure, and hope to see more of you along the way!

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Ali Marie

Ali Marie

Ali Marie is a recent Master's of Education graduate, and is now venturing back into the world of non-traditional education, as an outreach program leader at a children's museum. Her interests vary widely, but include board games, music, dinosaurs, and science as a whole.

You can find Ali on Twitter, @ascientifica.

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