Yes, there’s another new Skepchick on the block! While not a teen, and dating myself with the title (target audience frowns in confusion, not getting the reference… maybe a good thing), I’m very excited to be on board with Teen Skepchick as a new writer and contributor.

So a little about me. I’m 32, I have settled down (for now, in South Cackalacky, USA, after a life as an Army Brat. Moving here from Chicago (before that, Philly, and New York, so you might imagine relocation to the bible belt was a bit of an adjustment), and my pre-adult life blessed me with the opportunities to live in four countries and visit dozens more. I’m a recovering accountant, having gotten waylaid from my biology degree by a full time day job and a full course load at night. Took a semester off, which turned into eight years of accounting jobs and a career I never planned on (nor wanted). Thanks to the economy, I’m now in a position to both frantically find a new source of income, but also a fresh start, a new chance to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Currently under immediate consideration: paycheck. Master plan: astronaut, engineer, peace corps volunteer, or medical school, should my plans to win a pulitzer with my first novel, or a world-renowned photographer fall through.

In my spare time, I collect all manner of antique and vintage writing accessories, books, and vinyl records. I take a lot of pictures, a hobby taken up only in the past couple years, but one I’m pursuing actively and have managed to sell a few prints.

So why is this 32 year old here, writing for Teen Skepchick? Well, having discovered SGU over a year ago, I realized that there’s a real community for people like me. I was always a skeptic at heart, but I never knew that there were so many amazing people like Rebecca, Mindy, and the Skepchicks, Dr. Novella and the Rogues, and dozens of thousands of people listening in, who are not simply skeptical thinkers. These are people who teach, who reach out, who make a real difference in the world. The chance to be a part of that team, to take everything that the skeptical community has taught and given me and pay it forward, who could turn that down?

I wanted to write for Teen Skepchick because while I remember being a teen, my teenage years were very different than those of teenagers today. I didn’t have access to the internet at that age (well, the first few years of AOL and vanity pages don’t count), and I didn’t have the exposure or access to the quackery, nor the balancing, skeptical voice of reason. I wish I had something like Teen Skepchick then, and I’m so psyched to be contributing to it now. If anything I say here makes just one person think about their thinking, I’ve done what I came to do.

What else. In my months of unemployment I’ve discovered a previously untapped streak of craftiness and the need to knit and sew and hammer and paint. I’m a Martha Stewart who cusses a lot and is a lot less of a perfectionist. I work in animal rescue and I tend to foster and adopt special needs animals. Currently I have a 2.8 legged dog, a hermaphrodite dog (no, seriously), a cat who was attacked by a fox as a kitten and suffers from what I can only assume is shaken kitten syndrome.

Psyched to be a part of the team, and look forward to many more conversations in the future.


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