Science Opportunities Outside the Classroom

Want to hunt for planets around stars or contribute to scientific knowledge about the Milky Way? Participate in a collaborative paleontology research project? Or perhaps you’re dying to do more with botany, genomics, marine biology, zoology, evolutionary biology, ecology, physics, . . . whatever sciencey goodness you’re into, there’s an opportunity for you: some insanely cool online science projects (which I’m signing up for as soon as I post this), internships, research programs, and tons of volunteer opportunities with museums, planetariums, science centers, and more.

After all, what better way to combat the gender bias in math and science (see Balancing the Ratio) than for more young women to get out there and get visible in the sciences they love?

Check out our Resources page for more details.

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Melanie Mallon

Melanie Mallon

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