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Teen Skepchick’s Reality Check 3.8

Happy International Women’s Day!

Unconscious bias that keeps women out of math and science. (via Slate) “The psychologists asked female students studying biology, chemistry, and engineering to take a very tough math test. All the students were greeted by a senior math major who wore a T-shirt displaying Einstein’s E=mc2 equation. For some volunteers, the math major was male. For others, the math major was female. This tiny tweak made a difference: Women attempted more questions on the tough math test when they were greeted by a female math major rather than a male math major. On psychological tests that measured their unconscious attitudes toward math, the female students showed a stronger self-identification with math when the math major who had greeted them was female. When they were greeted by the male math major, women had significantly higher negative attitudes toward math.”

The Guardian picks the top 100 inspiring women, including those in science and medicine. (via The Guardian)

Daniel Craig in drag for women’s rights. (via Anglophenia)

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