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Teen Skepchick’s Reality Checks 3.15

The Princess Alice knows what you’re thinking edition

Why we see meaning where there isn’t any. “The point is, the same basic cognitive processes—namely, a mature theory of mind—are also involved in the believer’s sense of receiving divine guidance from these other members of the more popular holy family. When people ask God to give them a sign, they’re often at a standstill, a fork in the road, paralyzed in a critical moment of existential ambivalence. In such cases, our ears are pricked, our eyes widened, our thoughts ruminating on a particular problem—often ‘only God knows’ what’s on our minds and the extent to which we’re struggling to make a decision. It’s not questions like whether we should choose a different box, but rather decisions such as these: Should I stay with this person or leave him? Should I risk everything, start all over in a new city, or stay here where I’m stifled and bored? Should I have another baby? Should I continue receiving harsh treatment for my disease, or should I just pack it in and call it a life? Just like the location of the hidden ball inside one of those two boxes, we’re convinced that there’s a right and a wrong answer to such important life questions. And for most of us, it’s God, not Princess Alice, who holds the privileged answers.” (via Scientific American)

Girls associate math with boys as early as second grade. (via Physorg.com)

A wildly detailed picture of the far side of the moon (which does not cause earthquakes, BTW). (via Bad Astronomy)

Family sees Jesus in a tree. (via WTSP)

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