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Teen Skepchick’s Reality Checks 3.22

The Bring Back the Whooping Cough edition

Because of budget woes, immunization programs get cut. “The House GOP’s 2011 budget would chop $156 million from the Centers for Disease Control’s funding for immunization and respiratory diseases. The GOP reductions are likely to hit the CDC’s support for state and local immunization programs, the agency’s ability to evaluate which vaccines are working, and its work to educate the public about recommended vaccines for children, teenagers, and other susceptible populations. The CDC especially focuses on serving lower-income families who receive vaccines at state and local health offices and community health clinics, rather than a private doctor’s office.” (via Mother Jones)

NASA features stories of women in science and technology and shows off some of the awesome women who work for the space agency. (via [email protected])

God has a wife. Or, at least, a lady friend. (via Discovery News)

Julian Assange is the worst houseguest. EVAH. (via the Twitter feed of Allison Silverman)

Photo credit: Robert Couse-Baker

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