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Save Baby Joseph…maybe

So I’m not sure if all of you have heard about the sad situation of baby Joseph. You can read a rundown over here and one well stated opinion from Amanda Marcotte over here.

I’m curious as to everyone else’s thoughts personally, but I also think this is a good lesson to skeptics to think thoroughly about our news sources before we believe them. In this situation, an unfortunate situation and medical condition have left a boy with a terminal diagnosis. No matter what happens, whether he is taken home or left at the hospital, this boy will die. This is horrible. However certain media outlets seem to be painting it as a battle between life and death. Even a cursory glance at the situation could show a casual observer that this is a false dichotomy (see the most recent Logic Me This post).

What I find most frustrating about this situation though is the fact that an innocent family in a really horrible situation is being pushed into the really bad position of being political pawns while their son dies. And if our society were simply based more thoroughly on a healthy sense of skepticism and science, these parents would understand easily that nothing could be done and no one would be exploiting their situation.

Said the idealist.

What can we do to force this kind of exploitation to change?

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