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Teen Skepchick’s Reality Checks 4.5

The Nuclear Waste edition

Scientists find that pond algae could lead to breakthroughs in cleaning up nuclear waste. “The researchers are the first to show quantitatively how Closterium moniliferum, one of the bright green algae often seen in ponds, sequesters strontium (in the form of barium-strontium-sulfate crystals). They are using this understanding to think about a practical sequestration system for nuclear waste that maximizes strontium removal. The possibilities include using the algae for direct bioremediation of waste or accidental spills in the environment or designing a new process for waste treatment inspired by how the algae work.” (via Physorg.com)

High school atheist groups are starting to pop up around the country. Here is a profile of one of them. (via The New York Times)

The first all-woman combat sortie is flown in Afghanistan. (via U.S. Air Force)

Computers can recognize sarcasm. Great…(via Improbable Research)

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