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Teen Skepchick’s Reality Checks 4.6

The Man v. Volcano edition

Volcanologists try to predict when a volcano will erupt. “After a full day of hiking, [Ken] Sims and [Dario] Tedesco reached the barren, wind-wracked summit rim. A long line of porters hauled camping gear, climbing equipment, scientific instruments, food, and water. From here, the scientists looked into the mouth of the volcano. Crumbly sheer walls ringed by ledges dropped a quarter mile down to a vast, flat floor, black with hardened lava. In the middle, contained in a giant soup-bowl-shaped spatter cone, was a stunning sight: a lake of lava.” (via National Geographic)

Has the anti-nuclear lobby been misleading the public? (via The Guardian)

The Florida ACLU wants you to incorporate your uterus. Read my take on Florida’s uterus embargo.

In Philadelphia, it’s all about the toads. (via NPR)

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