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Teen Skepchick’s Reality Checks 4.8

The Sleepless, Sightless Fish edition

Blind cavefish in Mexico developed sleeplessness on three independent occasions. “[Erik] Duboué compared blind fish from three separate caves – Pachón, Tinaja, and Molino – as well as one of their sighted surface cousins. He found that the surface fish sleep for an enviable 13 hours a day – mostly at night, with the odd afternoon nap. The cavefish, on the other hand, sleep for just 2-4 hours a day. When they do fall asleep, they’re just as heavily under as their surface cousins, and their movements slow to the same extent. They’re not lighter sleepers – they just get less of it. The cavefish are a fantastic example of convergent evolution, where populations take different routes towards the same suite of adaptations. The Pachón, Tinaja, and Molino cavefish all entered separate cave systems that aren’t connected to one another. They lost their sight, and their sleep, independently of one another.” (via Not Exactly Rocket Science)

Women’s ski jump is back in the Olympics in 2014. (via Feministing)

Japan was hit by another earthquake, but did little obvious damage. (via BBC)

Vote on which songs will wake up Endeavor astronauts. (via NASA)

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

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