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Teen Skepchick’s Reality Checks 4.20

The Estrogen in the Brain edition

The problem with gender bias in animal studies. “A neuroscientist who recently completed her studies at the University of California, Berkeley, [Dr. Emily] Jacobs’ work provides an important example of why studying females yields insights about brain function that would be overlooked in a male-only study. Her research focused on working memory, a cognitive function that underlies problem-solving and reading comprehension. Working memory relies on precise levels of dopamine in the brain’s frontal lobe. Both too little and too much of the neurochemical impairs performance; moderate amounts result in optimal performance. Since estrogen has been shown to enhance dopamine, Jacobs theorized that estrogen levels may affect cognition.” (via Physorg.com)

Americans have more student loan debt than credit card debt for the first time ever. (via American Public Media)

Most high school students don’t think their high school prepares them for college or the workforce. (via Yahoo! News)

Christopher Hitchens offers some advice to Kate Middleton: RUN. (via Slate)

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