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Teen Skepchick’s Reality Checks 4.21

The Go With Your Gut edition

Hey, what’s your gut-type? “The duo [Manimozhiyan Arumugam and Jeroen Raes from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory] collected stool samples from 22 Europeans from Denmark, France, Spain and Italy, sequenced all the DNA within them, and compared them to 13 similar samples from Japan. They found that these sequences collapsed into three general groups, which they called enterotypes. Arumugam and Raes also showed that sequences from 154 Americans and 85 Danes, taken from other studies, fit within the three groups. The enterotypes transcend boundaries of countries and continents. That is surprising – two years ago, John Novembre showed that the genetic variation in Europe mirrors its geography with startling precision. But human genes are outnumbered by those of their gut bacteria by a hundred to one, and these bacterial genes are apparently far more straight-forward.” (via Not Exactly Rocket Science)

The Federal Trade Commission is putting the smack down on acai berry sellers. (via Physorg.com)

What happens when birds get angry IRL. (via WPLG-Local 10)

Shaun in 60 seconds. (via Neatorama)

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

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