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Teen Skepchick’s Reality Checks 4.22

The Importance of Being Vaccinated edition

Due to lack of vaccination, Europe is having a measles outbreak. “To prevent measles outbreaks, officials need to vaccinate about 90 percent of the population. But vaccination rates across Europe have been patchy in recent years and have never fully recovered from a discredited 1998 British study linking the vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella to autism. Parents abandoned the vaccine in droves and vaccination rates for parts of the U.K. dropped to about 50 percent. The disease has become so widespread in Europe in recent years that travelers have occasionally exported the disease to the U.S. and Africa.” (via Physorg.com)

Muslim women discuss why they do – or do not – wear a veil. (via NPR)

Physicists and chemists do experiments on Cadbury Eggs. (via Punctuated Equillibrium)

The new season of Doctor Who starts this weekend. In case you missed the last 40 years of The Doctor, this Whovian recommends you catch up. (via The Guardian, BoingBoing)

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